The word "Polyamory" is based on the Greek and Latin for "Many Loves." It is sometimes spelled Polyamori or simplified to Poly.

A polyamorous relationship is a romantic relationship that involves more than two people. The thing that defines a polyamorous relationship is that everyone involved knows about the others, and agrees to everyone else's involvement. If you are married or in a committed relationship, and you have a girlfriend or boyfriend that your partner doesn't know about, or that your partner suspects but isn't sure about, or that your partner knows about and is a source of conflict, you're not poly.

The highest ideals of a Poly Relationship are honesty and the emotional comfort of all parties involved in the relationships. Similarly, poly does not mean simply that you are involved with multiple people in sexual situations with or without your partners involvement. Poly is not swinging. Poly is the aspect of building deep rooted emotional, honest, and loving relationships with more than one person. Such relationships can take many shapes from a balanced triangle, to primary and secondary relationships, to extended families. The emphasis being placed on building loving relationships between all parties involved.

In the ideal poly relationship all involved can sit down at a Thanksgiving dinner together and it be a very enjoyable enjoyable occasion.

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